Planned features

I have several features planned and I’ll probably implement them all before getting AnyColor out of the sandbox. Some of the most important are:

  • Support for third-party master themes (already implemented): AnyColor will allow other theme creators to create themes that use it’s engine and replace the default master theme. I’ve also created a sample extension that does that.
  • Allow user-specified CSS fragments that get processed after the master theme.
  • Importing & exporting presets.
  • Ability to preview & install a preset or CSS fragment from a web-page.
  • UI improvements: Add AnyColor to the Tools menu, add an icon on the status bar and an option to automatically show the toolbar button/status bar icon on first install.
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Not yet but it’ll happen. There’s a lot of work to be done with the CSS and there are some other issues too. The biggest problem so far is that it won’t display background images that use the data: URI scheme. I’ve filed a bug and hope it gets resolved soon. Another issue is that Thunderbird 3 is still in early development and I expect many, many changes until the final version.

Here’s a very early screenshot of AnyColor on Thunderbird 3.0a1pre.

Firefox 3 required…

…but Firefox 3 isn’t available yet; it’s still in beta. This seems to have caused some frustration to several users.

AnyColor uses several features introduced in Firefox 3, making it impossible to work with previous versions. To avoid any further confusion, I updated AnyColor’s description on the addons site and added a note explaining the situation.

The good news is that the release of Firefox 3 isn’t that far and, once it’s released, you’ll definitely want to upgrade!

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AnyColor 0.1.2

The patch for bug 292789 landed in the latest Minefield build, breaking AnyColor. I made the necessary changes and I uploaded a new version. I also included a trivial CSS fix for the tabs.

AnyColor (pre) released

The first public version of AnyColor has been released an is now on the available on (AMO). It’s still in the sandbox because I haven’t nominated it to become public yet and it hasn’t been officially reviewed. You need to have an account on AMO to install it and you must be running Firefox 3 beta 5 or newer.

AnyColor should have some tutorials and documentation so I’ve started this blog to do just that. I’ve already created a couple of pages explaining how to use it. Next to come is the description of appearance scripts and the API exposed by the AnyColor module. You can view the source until then. Two appearance script samples are included in the add-on, content/presets/flickr/flickr.html that needs chrome privileges because of the cross-domain XMLHttpRequest and content/presets/sample/sample.html that needs no privileges.

Questions, suggestions and comments are welcome.