On hold, indefinitely.

Yep, that’s it. I’ve been staring at this editor for 25 minutes thinking of what should I say and what not but the bottom line is this: I will no longer support, improve or update AnyColor. There are various reasons that led to this; the most important ones being time constraints, lack of motivation, disappointment at Mozilla and the existence of an alternative (Personas) that users can switch to.

AnyColor will not be compatible with Firefox 3.6 which (unless I’m mistaken) is scheduled to be released in December. Please uninstall AnyColor and install Personas. Use this link to request features and give feedback about Personas.

AnyColor has had a great run, reaching millions of downloads and peaking at about one million daily users. This is where one would usually say that this level of success was unexpected but the truth is, it wasn’t. 🙂   I’m just glad people liked it.

P.S. I will personally keep using it until it breaks apart and I may release an update or two until then.

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