AnyColor (pre) released

The first public version of AnyColor has been released an is now on the available on (AMO). It’s still in the sandbox because I haven’t nominated it to become public yet and it hasn’t been officially reviewed. You need to have an account on AMO to install it and you must be running Firefox 3 beta 5 or newer.

AnyColor should have some tutorials and documentation so I’ve started this blog to do just that. I’ve already created a couple of pages explaining how to use it. Next to come is the description of appearance scripts and the API exposed by the AnyColor module. You can view the source until then. Two appearance script samples are included in the add-on, content/presets/flickr/flickr.html that needs chrome privileges because of the cross-domain XMLHttpRequest and content/presets/sample/sample.html that needs no privileges.

Questions, suggestions and comments are welcome.


11 Responses to “AnyColor (pre) released”

  1. Alan Williams Says:

    I have successfully used this with the Phoenity Reborn 0.8.93 without any problems. Awesome extension!

  2. Miles Says:

    Installed Any Color in FX3.01 with WinXP. Also using Colorful Tabs 3.2 which I enjoy the different color tabs.

    Apparently in AnyColor when the background is set to a color it also sets all tabs to be that same color which is not what is wanted. Is there a method to exclude tabs in order that the various colors presented by ColorfulTabs will be seen?

  3. pavlost Says:

    Miles: No, not at the moment. I will look into it though. Thanks.

  4. Krissi Says:

    Wow! This is such a great addon; and I was so glad to find a mention of it on another blog. I enjoy personalizing my browser, and you’ve made that possible! Thanks so much. I hope you can find a solution to the Colorful Tabs situation, but other than that, which is very minor, this addon just rocks my socks!!

  5. Krissi D Says:

    I was wondering if this is natural. If I’m in Firefox, and I click on something that opens a new tab, my background changes to the jpg I’ve used as my header and footer vs. just the background color. Is this normal?

    I’ve also noticed that if I use a different set of icons, I’m warned that they might not work with Anycolor. Right now, I’m using Azerty III 4.0.1. with no problem. The above background issue occurs with the default icon set, too.

    Krissi D

  6. pavlost Says:

    Hello Krissi.

    About the background thing when you open a new tab: Yes, this is normal. The background is only shown momentarily until Firefox loads the new tab.

    Concerning the icon set, I’m glad it works fine. AnyColor just checks to see if you’re using a third-party theme (Azerty III in this case) and displays a warning that it may not be compatible with it. I suppose that Azerty only changes the icons and not the shape/colors of Firefox and that’s why it works fine.


  7. Krissi D Says:

    Thanks for your reply, and thanks again for your awesome addon. It’s really better than anything out there.

    I do hope that later, when you have time, you’ll be able to work out the Colorful Tabs issue. That would be nice to have, too.

    Take care!

  8. Gary Says:

    Great addon. Running it on FF 3.1b2.

    One thing…. I use Colorfultabs. You now how there is a line under the whole tab line that is the color of the currently opened tab? Well, that is missing using AnyColor.

    I liked the colored line for some reason. Any way to get it back?

    Also, will a new update be coming soon?

    Again…. great Addon

  9. pavlost Says:

    I’ll see what I can do about that line Gary.

    I have the new version ready and I’m doing some testing. I’ll probably post it within a 7-10 days.

  10. ClemSnide Says:

    I am so close to installing this it hurts! I played with it for a while and really like it, but the deal-killer is that with a dark-colored background and light-colored text (which is easier for some people to use, myself included), checkboxes and radio buttons are nearly invisible.

    My suggestion, therefore, which would win you the love of the low-vision community, would be to have larger controls which are always black and white– or, if you’re in a mood for it, a custom appearance. I do prefer the pre-OSX Macintosh controls, as they’re large and clear (and Windows keeps going backwards in this regard). But failing that, just a white box/circle and a black check/dot would be very helpful. Thanks!

  11. EShea Says:

    an issue i have concerns email. regardless of the web mail i use (hotmail, gmail, etc.), when i click on “new” or “compose” mail the body of the email (where you type text) mirrors the skin color chosen. when i send it or receive email the body or text area of the email thankfully reverts back to the standard white background which i prefer btw. any fix for this?

    i thank you for such a cool add-on.

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