On hold, indefinitely.

Yep, that’s it. I’ve been staring at this editor for 25 minutes thinking of what should I say and what not but the bottom line is this: I will no longer support, improve or update AnyColor. There are various reasons that led to this; the most important ones being time constraints, lack of motivation, disappointment at Mozilla and the existence of an alternative (Personas) that users can switch to.

AnyColor will not be compatible with Firefox 3.6 which (unless I’m mistaken) is scheduled to be released in December. Please uninstall AnyColor and install Personas. Use this link to request features and give feedback about Personas.

AnyColor has had a great run, reaching millions of downloads and peaking at about one million daily users. This is where one would usually say that this level of success was unexpected but the truth is, it wasn’t. πŸ™‚ Β  I’m just glad people liked it.

P.S. I will personally keep using it until it breaks apart and I may release an update or two until then.

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70 Responses to “On hold, indefinitely.”

  1. Yochanan Says:

    AnyColor works fine with Firefox 3.5b3, actually. Thanks for the great extension!

  2. Yochanan Says:

    Oops, I meant Firefox 3.6b3.

  3. Eyael Says:

    I can’t believe the greatest extension for Firefox won’t be. Honestly Personas doesn’t suit my need. Thanks to you I had created a wonderful black theme for my Firefox and shifting back to the white eye breaking colors of the normal Firefox even with personas makes me wanna cry. I won’t update my Firefox anymore then. Really you should find someone to continue your work if you can’t handle it anymore. I understand your feelings but Persona is definitely not an alternative, yours is the BEST. We should all write a petition to get it continued otherwise people will become disgusted with extension : once you get used to it you have to say goodbye because it is no longer compatible. Is that what they call progress?

  4. lol768 Says:

    Personas are no match for your extension. I will continue to use until it breaks (using Minefield 3.7a1 ATM). Your extension has been one of my favorites and I hope that people will continue to use your extension, where possible.

  5. northbox Says:

    I am using ff 3.6b4 and so far so good. In my opinion Personas is no match for AnyColor. I hope you will change your mind and commit to keep one of the greatest extensions alive.

    Personas is and always will be trash.

  6. redferret Says:

    I agree with all the above, if the upkeep of anycolor is getting frustrating then maybe it is best to “walk away”. Thanks anyway for the pleasure you have provided to the many who use your great addon and I wish you well for any future projects.

  7. wyzwyk Says:

    AnyColor is no longer going to be updated, as Personas is taking its place? What! Personas can’t hold a candle to AnyColor when it comes to the most subtle hue, lightness/darkness, and color intensity changes that your extension allows for both background and menu highlights. This is, without question, one of the finest extensions ever developed to improve the looks of Firefox. Please reconsider your decision on discontinuing its development. When this extension first made the scene I thought Christmas and Santa Claus came early. Now I’m totally bummed out to learn there is no Santa. This news leaves a lump of coal in all of our stockings.

  8. anwar Says:


  9. aeonsaway Says:

    Okay, hating this. Anycolor will be sorely missed, and Personas no consolation. Thank you for a truly great extension.

  10. Nunman Says:

    I agree with the others here, Personas is NOT a replacement for AnyColor, which is the best skinner for Firefox…Period! Even with the Personas I do use, I have AnyColor choose menu background color, text color, etc. I’m sorry to hear this is frustrating on your part, but this extention will be sorely missed!

  11. kaeru Says:

    Yep , must agree with the others too.
    Anycolor is really far more advanced and better than personas.

    keep it alive please !


  12. Outsider Says:

    I’m just testing Personas and it is just a piece of shit :
    – no synchro with all-in-one-sidebar
    – no possibility of selecting the color of the empty pages
    – not very easy to use

    NO NO NO : Anycolor must go on ! O_O

  13. Outsider Says:

    Bis, still me !
    I’ve just seen that you were allowing us to use Personas with AnyColor (i’ve already used it but i didn’t know what personas was at that time).
    So, don’t give up please : between extensions like Personas and AnyColor, yours is much better.
    Why don’t you ally with mozilla to improve their shitty personas ?

  14. IgnominiouZ Says:

    You should unite with Personas.

    Your add on is by far better.

  15. Vanessa Says:

    pq nΓ£o consigo mais colocar qualquer desenhos no firefox nΓ£o fica mais,pq eu colocava pela ANYCOLOR e pra escolher o desenho entrava no personas…

  16. JP Says:

    So … Anycolor lost connection to its DB in 3.6 RC2 …

  17. Guy Says:

    AnyColour does not work with firefox 3.5.7 either.

    Can you fix it please?

  18. JMB Says:

    I have to agree that Personas cannot come close to how great Anycolor was. Just know your extension made my browser a much better place and will be missed dearly. And I very much encourage an update to allow them to work together again, if you can find it in your heart to continue for the fans of your work, and forget your lack of enthusiasm for Mozilla.

  19. JP Says:

    So … For those with FF 3.6 I got anycolor working with 2 modifications :
    – in install.rdf : change maxVersion to 3.6.*
    – in modules/anycolor.jsm commented lines 696, 697, 701, 702

    • gz Says:

      “in modules/anycolor.jsm commented lines 696, 697, 701, 702”
      That is, what do you do? I do not understand!

  20. Mike Says:

    hi thanks so much for this nice app… you going upgrade for ff v.3.6?

  21. Charla Says:

    Can somebody take a source code and keep work on this extension? Like in case of Customize google which is dead and the new project optimize google tries to keep extension alive.

  22. Charla Says:

    So I try this in FF 3.6 (with Nigtly tester tools) and it’s work! But sometimes my real black “skin” seems to be broken. 😦 I really miss this addon, because it’s very nice. I think author can cooperate with personas πŸ™‚ like picture from personas and menu colors and so on from anycolor.
    Thanks for nice extension! πŸ™‚

  23. Outsider Says:

    I hope it too : i have picked a personas which imitate a bit my previous true black but it is not really the same. I can’t have the text colored in red and all the menu are gone to this ugly grey-white, just like the empty pages. And same goes for all in one sidebar which is not always very well colored.
    It has only been some hours but i already missed Anycolor. :-‘(

  24. Jen Says:

    So you should definitely keep this up.

    I love this add on, and quite frankly my firefox 3.6, the new version, looks horrible without it.

    I mean, all of a sudden my personas and anycolor wouldn’t get along. Now the menus are all bland and such and Ugh. I love what you have done.

  25. smorrissey Says:

    Please man don’t kill anycolor!! personas is a piece of crap! =(

  26. Yi Says:

    Personas is not as good as Any Color. Personas is limited and cannot change the colors of the menu drop downs, opened tabs… etc.
    Please continue Any Color.

  27. RedBaron Says:

    What were your disappointments with Mozilla?
    Whatever they were, I hope you can find the time and motivation to create a compatible extension with FF 3.6

  28. Nagamaka Says:

    Personas is only a marketing tool for display in Firefox the eye-candy crap images of the ‘sponsor’ industries that have signed with Mozilla.

    Please, don’t drop AnyColor!

  29. musta Says:

    no… this sucks…
    anycolor is no match for personas, as long as you don’t want stupid images lurking from under the url bar…
    please rethink the whole decision…

  30. musta Says:

    btw i managed to make anycolowork somehow changing the max version value in extension.rdf file…

  31. psikofunkster Says:

    Man my eyes are getting hurt! too much white….please bring back anycolor!

  32. Charla Says:

    Do you think that, the author of AC reads this comments? Do You think so we can be pleased by the new version of AC? πŸ˜€

  33. tom Says:

    Firefox 3.6 has been released and AnyColor wasn’t compatible. Yes, I knew this was coming, but what didn’t know was how much I would miss this extension. I tried using Personas but this simply is an inadequate substitute for AnyColor. Despite what you might think this extension is just too important to let it lapse into extinction. So many people use and love this little extension. Nothing before or after does what it does. Its very uniqueness makes it of value to the Firefox community, and something not to be left to die. I can understand that this extension is taking too much of your time and that you’ve lost motivation, but the disappointment with Mozilla you spoke of is unclear to us. What happened? You owe your users a better explanation. If you can not reconcile with Mozilla, and your heart is truly set against continuing with AnyColor, then is there any way this project can be passed on to another individual, group, or even to Mozilla, so that it may go on? On behalf of all those who recognize how special AnyColor is I beseech you to rethink your decision and let this project live.

  34. Charles Says:

    This add-on is too great to lose. I just reinstalled Firefox 3.5.7 to have it what it was before.

  35. Matteog Says:

    Please continue to improve and update this wonderful extension, take your time, we’ll wait for it. Don’t care about Mozilla, you should care only your users. FIVE MILLION DOWNLOADS is an huge success and it demonstrate your work is better than Personas and your work is a great work. Your name will be always remember.

    Thanks very much.

  36. Ric Grupe Says:

    AnyColor is the add-on I value most. Please help my old eyes out by keeping it compatible. Please.

  37. Desperate Says:


  38. Philip Says:

    Personas sucks…Anycolor has been my fave theme for a long time and I hate to see it not updated.. 8-(

  39. R Says:

    I can’t believe any color won’t continue! Persona’s don’t let you change sub menu colours or text colours as far as I have been able to see. I love the way my mozilla looks with anycolor so much, that I may not upgrade to 3.6!!

  40. R Says:

    Now Firefox is prompting me to upgrade… not happening without anycolor!

  41. usk15 Says:

    i was instaling ff 3.6 , but because anycolor is not working anymore i jumb back to 3.5.6…
    i think this is one of the best add-on ever made…very cumtomizable , easy to use ,please continue your work and upgrade this add-on…

  42. Bonovox Says:

    My father is not using version 3.6 cause there is no anycolor he downgraded to version 3.5.7!!!!
    Firefox idiots by the way the stupid 3.6 version consumes memory like a beast! 80MB!!! and in certain time 100% processor use!!!

  43. Rebooter Says:

    This addon should really be integrated into the default functionality of Firefox. I already miss it… Personas isn’t even close to being a replacement for AnyColor.

  44. HF Says:

    As others have said, Personas doesn’t even come close.

    Well, if the original author wont pick it back up, maybe someone else will and post it somewhere accessible?

    Good luck, if you do.

  45. Ventura Says:

    “Personas”? No way, I choose AnyColor anytime… I’m not upgrading to Firefox 3.6 because of AnyColor. So… put the damn paypal donations button already! πŸ˜€ THANKS for such a great & stylish addon!

  46. If it is a nice extension ... don't let it die Says:

    Anyway, upgraded to 3.6 today and it screw up my setup by making all the font in my 36″ screen to be so small and unreadable.

    Have never use AnyColor before. Just know that it might help me correct the small font problem.

    With all this ruckus and fuked up of 3.6. I might as well revert back to 3.5.


  47. Jon_T Says:

    First of all a BIG THANKS for AnyColor.
    Also agree 1000% that AnyColor far better than Personas.

    AnyColor’s Preferences > “Appearance” settings allows anyone to EASILY (i.e., no frickin scripts required) to customize the the look of Fx.

    This is one of the great extensions I would gladly contribute $ to keep it alive.

  48. Bonovox Says:

    Thank you very very much for the new beta man! thanks for still supporting your great addon.

  49. psikofunkster Says:

    THANKS for the beta man!

  50. R Says:

    Thanks for the beta!! Now I can upgrade to 3.6 with anycolor!

  51. R Says:

    I just upgraded to 3.6, and anycolor beta works great!!! Thanks Pavlost! I hope you can continue the best Mozilla addon ever….PLEASE!!!

  52. Tom Says:

    Coming in this evening and seeing that there is a workaround to make AnyColor work in Firefox 3.6 just made my day. This is wonderful news. I hope this is the first step in the permanent resurrection of this extension. If so, then many of us can happily put that wannabe Personas to bed. Thank you so much!!!

  53. Charla Says:

    Thanks! Thanks a lot πŸ™‚ You made my eyes happy πŸ˜€ I must not install Black skin which make a lot of problems.
    I have a little question, will be new version for Thunderbird 3.x too, or AC dont count with support of that?

  54. usk15 Says:

    from where do you take beta version for ff3.6 ? please detail or link….

  55. Outsider Says:

    OMFG O__O
    I can’t describe it with words …. but i’m happy !
    If needed, give a paypal link !

  56. Charla Says:

    The beta version works fine, but I found a little bug, in the extension manager (I don’t know exact name in English). In FF 3.5.x, when I use true black, the header of the window was black, but now it’s white.
    And I have a little question. Iam using True Black in Any color, but is there a way to use black menus from AC and in FF main window use a persona picture? Thanks for answer and great work.

  57. Outsider Says:

    Perfect : my True Black is back !!!!!
    My eyes say many thanks to you.

    For me, i do not see any kind of bug in my Firefox 3.6 !

    • Outsider Says:

      Ah sorry, i tested it a bit and i think there is a (very very small) bug : I use the True Back theme but when i open the add-on part in my all-in-one sidebar, the 4 icons at “north” are in a white panel. I can’t remember if they were in a black panel when i was using it with firefox 3.5 so i’m not sure if it is or not a bug.

  58. Willy Says:

    Thanks for the update for 3.6!!!

  59. Matteog Says:

    Thank you very much for the update! If it is possible make a donation, I’m ready.

  60. C Proudfit Says:

    Sorry to hear this. I’m a minimalist, so I liked AnyColor much better than personas because I could build my look to suit my needs, instead of having to search through thousands of “not-quite-what-I’m-looking-for” pre-built themes.

    Good luck in your future endeavors!

  61. Dr.schnuw Says:

    I just encountered that Personas does not work with different themes… so AnyColor is actually the way better Ad-On. It is superior in so many ways: change font size, usability with Personas, many cool features that Personas does not have.

    So, I beg you to continue working on this great Ad-On.

  62. Ric Grupe Says:

    Does Mozilla call AnyColor “experimental” because they are trying to steer the community towards Personas? Or, is there an issue I am not aware of?

    • pavlost Says:

      No, this isn’t Mozilla’s doing. I changed AnyColor’s status to experimental to signify that it’s not supported any more.

      • Charla Says:

        It’s not supported any more?! It means…..we must say bye to AC someday in new version of FF?
        Many users don’t want a lot of new features, but we will be happy if you keep AC just alive. πŸ˜‰

      • Ric Grupe Says:

        Thanks for the explanation.

        I don’t need the new functionallity of FF 3.6 so AnyColor will be staying with me for the forseeable future. Great add-on!

  63. muge Says:

    Ah, it was a fun ride. It’d be great if Personas and AnyColor could work side by side, but for now, I’m sticking to AnyColor. Can’t go without the special options it gives me.

    A big “thank you” to you for developing this add-on. (:

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