AnyColor 0.2.2

I’ve just uploaded a new version. You can find it on AMO or if you don’t want to login, here.

Few changes this time, the most important being the compatibility with Firefox 3.1 beta 1 and beta2 pre. It wasn’t just a version bump, unfortunately. The JSON parser that is built into Firefox has changed, causing any theme library related function to fail (list presets, load, save, load from the web). I also identified and solved a second issue related to the custom colorpicker widget used in AnyColor and Firefox’s preference system, but only when “instantApply” was turned on. I’ve no idea what’s changed in the new Fx versions but I worked around the problem.


  • Compatibility with Firefox 3.1b2pre.
  • Improved compatibility with the Chatzilla add-on, made AnyColor respect the tab status and coloring (requested by Jake).
  • Changed the appearance of the selected (hover) menu items. The old style (inverted fg & bg) has been added as a theme tweak in case someone really likes it.
  • Marked the following “icon-pack” themes as compatible with AnyColor: Azerty III, Qute, CrystalFox Qute.