AnyColor 0.2.4 & 0.2.5

AnyColor has been made public on and it’s seeing a lot of downloads! Going back, I remember starting AnyColor’s development just because I wanted a dark theme that I like. I had to rewrite the master CSS file 3 times, adding features, changing many rules to make them use the new rgba() and hsla() color values and many more changes until I was happy with it. I remember my disappointment when mozilla changed the CSS for Gnu-linux & Macs significantly and I was forced to mark AnyColor as Windows only.

Today I use it on all of my PCs and I’m glad I can share it with others that find it useful.

Versions 0.2.4 & 0.2.5 had a few minor changes:

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with several other extensions.
  • Added a “square everything” tweak.
  • Moved the “More Presets” page to a new host and added a mirror as well.

I was informed that there’s a small bug that I haven’t fixed yet; if you open the AnyColor options window from the addons list, the ‘Get more presets…” links don’t work. It will be fixed in the next version.


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  1. Heinz Says:


    I tried to add “more presets” but it doesn’t work. Could you help me please.

    Thank you!

  2. pavlost Says:

    What seems to be the problem?

    Here’s how it should work:
    1) You open the page with the extra presets.
    2) You click the ‘Add’ button next to the preset you want to add. Note that you have to have javascript enabled for this to work, so if you have any add-ons that block them (like NoScript) disable them.
    3) You should see a notification bar appear at the top of the page, right below Firefox’s tabs, asking you if you want to use the preset. It will have two buttons, the first is “Apply” and the second “Save”. Clicking save will prompt you for a name and, after clicking OK, it should be saved and applied.

    If it still doesn’t work you can try to:
    a) Open the error console (Tools->Error Console)
    b) Click the clear button
    c) Follow the process described above
    d) Look at the error console and send me any error you are seeing.

  3. Scott Brady Says:


    Just a quick suggestion.

    Do you have any plans to be able to export/import custom presets such that you can give friends and relatives a import import file to apply your custom settings in their browser.

    Other than that I think this is an excellent addon.


  4. tony Says:

    Question about Address Bar Highlighting:

    When you click and highlight url addresses in the Address Bar, it highlights in black. Is there any way to change/customise this, so it highlights urls in other colours or the default Firefox blue?

    That’s my only small gripe. The rest of the add-on looks and works great.

  5. mackeev Says:

    A nice extension, but can’t use it.
    I have come across a serious bug almost instantly.
    To reproduce it, please visit and move your mouse over the left column of options (does not matter if you can’t read the lingo). Just stop on those with little red arrows (drop-down menus). See what happens.

    Will be waiting of a fix.

  6. Bob Murphy Says:

    Like the add on, works well. I am having problems setting up background pictures to fit to the window without either being too large or too small to fill it. Is there a formula or process for doing this?

  7. Heinz Says:

    Thank you for your quick reply from February 24. I tried to follow your suggestions but it still doesn’t work. I got the following error message “Anycolor: TypeError: JSON.parse is not a function”

  8. Sam Says:

    i want this look
    anyone know how i can get it??

  9. Sam Says:

    i want look
    (the transparent edges)

  10. fsr Says:

    Hello, congrats on addon, it’s actually the first dark theme on FF history that I like. 😉 1. I have found a minor issue, DownloadThemAll window does not highlight properly:

    Is is possible to create a compatibility tweak that higlights DTA just as your “Misc:Old menu colors” ?

    2. I wish there was a separate setting for the current tab color, when you reduce contrast between background and higlight you barely see the difference.

  11. Dieter Lang Says:

    The Oromêa preset is really great, but unfortunately does the title “The Oromêa,” shown on the right side of the preset, spoils the whole experience, because it’s right there smack on the Bookmarks Toolbar. It would be perfect if the preset could be released without the title written in it.

  12. pavlost Says:

    @Bob: You generally use larger images that are wide enough for all window sizes. Look at the “Appearance” page, here on the blog, for details.

    @Sam: The transparent window borders are part of the operating system, Windows Vista in this case.

  13. john smith Says:

    Using WinXP, when Firefox (3.0.7) is ‘restored down’ {middle box top right of browser window} so as to occupy less than full-screen real estate, i notice i lose both the right and bottom Firefox scrolling bars when using ‘AnyColor’ (0.2.5). When I disable the addon, the problem goes away. Is there some setting, possibly, to avert this problem?

  14. James Says:

    Why is AnyColor not compatible with Linux when Mozilla’s own Personas extension does.

  15. john Says:

    Lovely extension, however it does not work with the ColorfulTabs ( ) extension, which i also have because i like colour… now i’m forced to choose one or the other unless they can be made to work together….
    thanks, john.

  16. john Says:

    Its ok! i found it in Anycolor->options->Theme Tweaks->compatibility:ColorfulTabs,
    Thanks 🙂

  17. YokoChan Says:

    … i cant understand why it bugs by me :(( i have firefox, windows xp, i …… ahhh there is no difference between before and later! nothing goes! 😦 when i select a background nothing, NOTHING changes 😦
    heeelp!! +-+ what do i wrong??
    lg yoko

  18. Khai Says:

    Hi there.
    Great, great add-on, however ‘highlight color’ option doesn’t work too well with Fast Dial and Fission add-ons. That is, I’m unable to choose separate colors for Fast Dial’s thumbs and page loading progress bar. Highlight for buttons is great feature, but it also overwrites colors mentioned above. If you could separate it, or at least make an option to turn it off, it would be great.

    Great job, by the way.

  19. Michael Says:

    Hi. I am having the same problem as Khai. I have the Fission add-on and AnyColor overrides it. I want to be able to have a custom progress bar as well as this theme.
    P.S. AnyColor is great!!

  20. Matt Alexander Says:


    My Gmail “Compose” window is dark. It like it to have a white background. How can I accomplish this?

  21. Bobby Says:

    Great Job!! It took about 4 hours ‘playing’ with all the options & combinations before I got the results I wanted. There’s still plenty to play with.
    I just hope you add Import/Export of AnyColor Themes in your future feature updates. I’d like to share what I have & see what others have done as well.
    Also it would be nice to be able to use image backgrounds as well as colors on the tab-toolbar for example.


  22. skatan Says:

    addon id great but can i increase space between
    ( about few tabs ) left part of tab because image on the tab is cut ( look like )

    but on screens is ok.
    dont know why i have that problem

  23. skatan Says:

    ok i have found what was problem

    that was theme
    nasa night launch

    withs standard everything is ok

    great job ;]

  24. fsr Says:

    Thanks for the DTA fix 😉
    Is it possible to implement TRANSPARENCY for the context menu ? This addon would ROCK ! Thanks !

  25. Aaron Says:

    I installed AnyColor this afternoon and already I love it, but I find it very very annoying that if I zoom in on a web page the scroll bars get also change size, is there anyway to fix this locally, with either an option or editing a file manually?

  26. niskcert Says:

    Not half bad. Unfortunately it totally breaks Tree style tab (not like I use it) and Tab kit’s tree tab bar indentation.
    With tabs grouped, indented and colored, the add-on is indispensable. I just can’t use AnyColor until it’s fixed.

  27. Bob Says:

    Was wondering why the font for Roboform will not accept the preference for font color, sometimes it shows up with the same color but then reverts to the black standard color.

  28. Anach Says:

    I’m having hte same problem as other users here and I’m not sure what plugin maybe causing it.

    here is the error log info:
    Anycolor: TypeError: JSON.parse is not a function

    I disabled noscript, adblock and cookiesafe, but still am unable to get these presets to work from your site.

    Any suggestions?

  29. Zinc Says:

    It is a beatiful add-on especially the random picture althought I recommend change the font color in flickr preset because I use twitter fox and It set the font color to white and it is very annoying write in white when the background is white. It would very helpfull add the functionality of change font color and backrground color when the option “Set appereance using a script” is activated.

  30. Thely Says:

    This addon is a perfect and simple appearance change for FF and some presets looks more appealing than most of the pre-made themes. I look forward for more pre-sets and tweak changes. Thanks Pavlost. ^^

  31. Thely Says:

    If its possible can you make it Download Status bar compatible? I mean to use the same colors/color shades as in the theme?

  32. JD Says:

    hey, this is a great addon! THx

    But i have a problem! I deleted the default presets, is there any way to get them back? thanks.

  33. JD Says:

    I tried uninstallin/reinstalling…..but no luck 😦

  34. pavlost Says:

    @JD: The new version has a button that restores the default presets and it should appear on shortly.

    @Aaron: Thanks for the bug report but there’s nothing I can do, it’s a known Firefox bug. See for details.

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