AnyColor 0.2.3 (gloss)

A new version has been uploaded to and it should appear in a few hours. You can also find it here (sha1: b6d3adb7f66d766fad3241e1657e85bd21bc75e2).

A dark preset with gloss enabled.

A dark preset with gloss enabled.

The most noticeable change in this release is the “Gloss” theme tweak. I was reluctant to add this at first but I’ve been using it for about two months and it looks great!

Change log:

  • Added the “Gloss” theme tweaks. There are two, one adds gloss to the Bookmarks toolbar and the other to the Tabs. You can enable both if you like; I personally like the Tabs one better.
  • Compatibility with 3.2a1pre.
  • Styled “about:sessionrestore”.
  • Improved the “first run” page. It will now show a list of the available presets and a few selected theme tweaks.
  • Marked the “Strata Reloaded” theme as compatible, it looks great with the gloss tweak enabled and near-black colors.
  • Minor fix for XUL progress bars when value is zero.
  • Styled the links in view source (Fx 3.1+).
  • Styled SSL error pages.
  • Added a tweak for the scrollbars.
  • Visual fix for the mini-buttons in the update dialog.
  • Added Russian translation by Timur.