v0.3.2 (experimental) works with Firefox 3.6

There’s a new version of AnyColor up on addons.mozilla.org that “works” with Firefox 3.6. It works, yes, but it already has some visual bugs that I’m aware of, like the top part of the “Add-ons” window (it looks like the Firefox developers changed something, again). I will not be fixing these bugs in the foreseeable future and AnyColor won’t be as good as it used to be, which is why this new version is marked as “experimental”. What this means is that Firefox will no longer offer automatic updates for it – you have to go on the addons site, click that checkbox that says “Let me install this experimental add-on” and have it installed.

By the way, which browser do you think looks better? Firefox 3.6 (with personas built-in) or Google Chrome (minimal user interface and bitmap themes)?


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  1. Robin Siebler Says:

    I have to say that I much prefer a working AnyColor over the personas. I have not seen a persona that I find workable or aesthetically pleasing.

    I am sorry that you are no longer updating this addon. 😦

    • Michael Says:

      My own personal solution to the mentioned visual bug(s) is to use one of the original (classic/non-persona) themes called Phoenity Next which seems to be quite compatible with AnyColor.

      Presto! No white button bar in my extensions window (maybe this could be a clue)! 🙂

      As far as I can tell, FireFox’s “default” theme is, itself, a persona which AnyColor appears to override, at least with my preferred dark color scheme. I have yet to experiment with it.

      • DobryiLEoPoLD Says:

        Michael if I have correctly understood you, as an alternative method of application of the dark scheme, I can find it in personnels…? If so it is good. But it seems in personnels there is no that flexible system of adjustments of the interface of the Fox what are in AnyColor. If I am not right, correct for me.
        P.S: Oh yes, I apologize for the English.

  2. Don Eitner Says:

    I too am sorry to hear that you will no longer support or update AnyColor. I much prefer/preferred it over personas any day. This is/was so much better than personas.

    Best to you in your future endeavors Pavlost.

  3. muge Says:

    I nearly freaked when 3.6 wouldn’t support AnyColor 0.31.
    +much thanks for the update!

  4. Ron Says:

    Thanks for the update

  5. JayZee Says:

    I don’t see any visual Bugs in my anycolor 0.30 on a Trunk-FireFox Minefield/3.7a2pre.

    Personas is no replacement for anycolor! And I would be happy, to have anycolor on SeaMonkey too.

    Thanks for your nice xpi.

  6. Robin Joy Says:

    I love Anycolor but on my Vista computer in Firefox when I try to install it, it gives me an error message. It’s working great on my Windows 7 computer though. I think when I tried to adjust my firefox for it to work with the former version of Anycolor it has messed with my ability to add it to firefox now. Any suggestions?

    • pavlost Says:

      Try to download and install AnyColor manually: First download the .xpi using the win 7 computer (that works), then copy it to the vista computer and drap-drop the file into Firefox. Alternatively, clear the Firefox cache on the vista computer and try to install it again. Good luck.

      • Robin Joy Says:

        Thanks! I did finally get it to download …YAY!.
        Btw…thank you for upgrading this program..It’s my favorite because of the font size options and all the other features that personas doesn’t have. I hope you will continue to keep upgrading it whenever Firefox updates. You have done an amazing job with this 🙂

  7. Dee Dunlevy Says:

    Hi, I have downloaded (?) the change color, but can’t find it and don’t know how to make it work. Sorry, but can you give me some guidance? Thanks much, if you can, or if you are willing to.

  8. franco Says:

    Oh man, Personas just sucks.
    Reminds me the old IE themes.
    Don’t discount your work.

  9. Wil C. Fry Says:

    I was sad to read that AnyColor is basically discontinued… I realize this is something coming from Mozilla’s end and not yours.

    Ever since I switched to Firefox a couple of years ago, it seems that Mozilla’s been moving farther and farther from the browser I fell in love with. 😦

  10. Silvertie Says:

    Pavlost, please keep up the good work; personas are a collective sack of nuts compared to this, for numerous reasons; namely that you always need an internet connection for it to work, and it never works for me at certain networks.
    This on the other hand… I can change things with far more detail, and it uses files off my own hard-drive, so I always have my custom textures working. (Not to mention I can get my background image to match up properly.)

    Go forth, almighty programmer of addons; code for all that is good, clean, and functional! Compete with the Persona-abomination, show Mozilla how browser customization is done! School the ignorant, bring glee to those sick of standard white browser windows, vitalize the dreary browser! Deliver us from ordinary browserness!

    Seriously, nice job with AnyColor, and thanks for the update. And please… please keep at it. I can’t go back to the sterile white of no theme, or the soul-less personas.

    (Also, Google chrome would be my browser of choice after this with AnyColor. I’ve tried Personas before, and it was just awful.)

  11. صفر واحد Says:

    FireFox browser is better
    Thank you

  12. Олег Says:

    Чёрт, не могу найти обновления…

  13. Steve Bakunin Says:


    Every time I find something I like on and in PC’s some joker wanting to ‘upgrade’ takes it away…
    Then I gotta go through days of frustration to get it back to something I can live with.

    In the name of ‘nothing is EVER enough’ and ‘the next greater thing’ we take two steps back to every step forward. Rushing headlong into the oblivion that awaits us all.

    My attitude is ‘true black’ now, just like my screen. Only I love my screen. How much longer will I be able to keep that? Only mozilla knows…

    Still, thanks for the times we had..

  14. lilyu Says:

    I wanted to thank you for all the work you did for us all those years, for free. I really liked your add-on. Personas dont match my needs and tastes, and i hope that Anycolor will stay useable with firefox as long as possible.

  15. xDRoNe Says:

    By God and all that is holly, I am willing to learn all that is there to learn to get this up and working.

    Personas suck big time.

    Folks i use Firefox after IE failed continuously and still does. I am never going back to freaking corporate productions anymore.

    I use so many addons, that Anycolor would be the best of them all. For it would make Firefox bearable. Firefox needs at least 500 MB to run due to many addons startup. And guess what? Runs fabulously. But, if i lose Anycolor, i am going to Chrome.

    I suggest that Mozilla leave the GUI in version formats, at least so that we may continue to run our addons in the manner we desire. What possibly can they add that we can’t at some point acquire through addon? If the Engine responsible behind the HTTP to display the page is somewhat different, GUI is independent of that change, we dont want changes then.

    I doubt anyone reads this gibberish. But still the same, count my vote in for continuing Anycolor.

    I am not happy with the many changes we have to get accustomed to.

  16. xDRoNe Says:

    Plus, there are addons that mess Firefox big time, even by using default theme, cant restore to default firefox GUI because of some black banner over menu and navigation buttons, only through Anycolor, i can, not just restore firefox to its former glory., but use also my theme, designed personally,

  17. WFM Says:

    Look at the # of downloads from your site and reevaluate how many people love this add on. Personas sucks big time and I won”t use it. I hope you eventually continue to work on this. F*** mozilla.

  18. Apples Says:

    Hi pavlost,

    I have to echo what many people have already said. I use AnyColor because due to dyslexia and related scotopic sensitivity syndrome (aka Irlen Syndrome) I cannot read black on white and also certain colour schemes cause me headaches and migraines and visual disturbances. I also have sensory issues and visual processing difficulties due to autism.

    Personas are useless to me.

    AnyColor is good as I can alter the font colour and background colour of the entire page in a few clicks. I can also change to different colours easily as my visual issues can be quite variable and fluctuate.

    I think this is a great Add-On for people like me who have autism, dyslexia and associated issues for whom using the internet is often a difficult and painful (literally) experience.

    I’m so sorry that you feel you can no longer work on it and that Mozilla have been unhelpful to you.

    I really do wish there was some way that I could get you to reconsider. I have very little money but I would in theory be prepared to pay a small amount for AnyColor if that would convince you to continue with it.

    Please do reconsider. You are making a big difference to people with conditions like mine who otherwise find the internet barely useable.

  19. yet_another_hindu_infidel Says:

    Im getting an error that say “not compatible with firefox 3.6.3”. Your addon is better than persona. I hope for an update.

  20. Fernando Says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

    I recently upgraded to FF 3.6, which I had been putting off in order to keep Anycolor. Unfortunately my job requires that I have the latest version of all browsers, and I had to give in. Man, I hated settling for a persona. So today I decided there had to be a way to come back, and I found your blog. As many have stated before me, Anycolor is the only thing making FF aesthetically bearable.

    Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in, and I hope one of the many talented people developing for FF will pick up where you left off.

    Greetings from Mexico,
    Fernando Matus

  21. RGA Says:

    This is a great extension, and sorry to see that development may be discontinued for FF 3.7x and up. Those FF dudes upgrade FF pretty rapidly, I’m sure it’s pretty hard to keep up with them. Anyway, great extension, the only thing I can’t figure out is why it turns my tabs upside down. I’ll keep playing with that, there are other extensions to replace images, etc., but your changes color scheme in Menu lists, etc.

  22. Schpetta Says:

    anycolor is the best, fuck the rest

  23. Paul P Says:

    Agreed. anycolor is the best by far. I have not found an alternative anywhere near as good. Thankfully the experimental version seems fine with FF 3.6. Keep up the good work, Pavlost.

  24. Phil Says:

    I didn’t even realize that this has happened geeze I’m slow i have been using your work (AnyColor) for a couple of years now and put it on a couple of dozen other peoples machines whom by the way love it, Im sorry to hear the way you feel and only hope that maybe just maybe you find the zest to carry on again anyway Pav Thank you very much for what you have created I will use Any Color as long as possible Thank you very much for sharing and hope maybe one day you will pick up where you left off. Cheers Pav may the future shine Bright for you.

  25. xDRoNe Says:

    Pavlost!!! wtf man, are you going to just drop off the good work? Man, I Hate Java and xml, but still your hard work seems to keep crying out for you from when you left off. I am willing to learn it only to preserve this hard work of yours.

    Are you reading the posts? or you just forgot about your fans? I would give up my right nut for half the fame you got now.

    BTW, Opera has a better GUI than firefox, though i like firefox for its versatility. It is better to just have all the functionalities as xpi’s (addons) rather than having everything built-on the main app, i could use it on a simple platform or expand it to what i have now. Nevertheless, still we need AnyColor. Personnas is just a pic in the back without impressions whatsoever.

  26. Earl Says:

    Pavlost, I am sorry to hear that you will no longer be developing this program. It is in my opinion far superior to Personas Plus. So many developers ask for a donation to help support development of there programs, some are worthy and some are not. This one definitely is. I am grateful that you have taken the time to make it functional with FF 3.6, and hope you find the time to do so again when the need arises with other versions. Even though I am not a coder myself, I can understand the angst of working out the bugs and then they change something again. C’est la vie. On another note, I have noticed that Anycolor seems to over ride the code written to userchrome.css. And have found a work around to implement a tweak that I wanted to see in the program. And thought others might find this useful, and enhance their enjoyment of this great program. This tweak removes all separator lines from the main header and the background line from the tabs bar, giving a smoother appearance to the header. First I make a copy of one of the unused .css files from the fragments folder in Anycolor. C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\ Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\********.default\extensions\anycolor.pavlos256@gmail.com\skin\fragments. I then replace the original code with the following code using a text editor and save it with the original file name.

    #nav-bar,#PersonalToolbar,#toolbar-menubar,#navigator-toolbox > * {-moz-appearance: none !important;border: none !important;}

    #browser tabs {-moz-appearance: none !important;border: 0 !important;background-color: transparent !important;}

    I then replace the original file after making a backup of it with the new file. Then I enable that fragment in the Anycolor advanced options theme tweaks dialog and Voyez là. This working for me in FF 3.6.6. If in the future you again develop this program I hope that you will include this tweak. Once again, Thank you for such an excellent program.

  27. Bill Says:

    Firefox 4.0b1 is out. : )

  28. xdrone Says:

    There u go, just been rear ended and with a grinning smile.
    Do we really need all these reoccurring updates?
    Pavlost hang in there man.

  29. Earl Says:

    That’s 4.0b as in beta.

  30. Beatriz Says:

    It would be fun that you fix ‘anycolor’ to work on Firefox 3.6.8. This is a great addon!

    Congrats for your awesome job!

  31. Outsider Says:

    Woh, What the O_o ???
    Where does this 0.3.3 version come from ? O_ô

    That’s awesome !!!!! O___O

  32. SallyAnne Says:

    Today AnyColor installed an update and now I cannot ‘switch it off’. When I open Mozilla Firefox it automatically bumps up on AnyColor’s page. I tried to uninstall it but the ‘Addon” button under the Tools menu no longer works. Now I haven’t a clue what to do. Would be grateful for any advice.

  33. IgmZ Says:

    Thank you for taking this project back. Love it.

  34. Carlos Says:

    What I just noticed is that say you put a search phrase in the google search to the top left. Google search page comes up & the color that I set in anycolor is present. Now at the bottom you have a list of pages for the search.. 1, 2, 3 etc.
    I click on say page 2 and the color is gone? How can I correct this?

    Thanks in advanced!

  35. Earl Says:

    Open AnyColor options, at the top of the dialog box click advanced. You will see 3 tabs, switch to “Theme tweaks” and see if “Site:Google web search” is active. If it is you can turn it off by switching columns with the arrow buttons.

  36. Carlos Says:

    Yes I had that option enabled, and the color only holds on the first page? With it not enabled there’s no color at all.
    And I have the updated version as well. I tried earlier versions and the same thing.

    I’m running W7 and this is the first time I’ve noticed this.

  37. Diane Hamilton Says:

    How do I remove any color from my system

  38. Charles Says:

    Any Color is far and away superior to Personas. Even with the minor glitches in 0.32 it still blows away the rest.

  39. zmcgraw Says:

    how can we link anycolor to personas? please inform

  40. Earl Says:

    You do not need to link AnyColor to Personas, Personas are nothing more than a header and footer image. With AnyColor you can do the same and custom color your browser to compliment the images. Plus you can choose the image position; left to right, centered, right to left, top to bottom, etc. Personas only does right to left for the header, and left to right for the footer. Go to AnyColor options, click Appearance, you will see “Main Firefox window”. Click the button to the right of “Image URL” to browse your computer for where the images are stored. Below that you can choose the image position as I described and if your image is to small to fill the area you can repeat the image horizontally, vertically or both by clicking X,Y. Then choose a text color that will contrast with your image and make it easy to read. As you will see AnyColor is far superior to Personas.

  41. Dafoose Says:

    Any color is a great add on. I am very picky about my color choices, usually blue themes.

    I liked how any color just opened up some creativity for me in User Interface.

    As far as personas go, i tried them and it’s a different feeling.
    I don’t think I like personas much, I can customize them, but it feels like a different language.

  42. Una Argentina en España Says:

    hola, lamento mucho que no sigas actualizando AnyColor, ahora que salió la versión 4 de firefox, y he de decirte que por más que existe personas, ese complemento no da las opciones que da AnyColor. Yo tenía el menú totalmente personalizado, cosa que con personas no puedo hacer, y en verdad me molesta mucho el cambio en mi navegador. La comunidad y sobre todo los que venimos usando tu script desde hace mucho tiempo, sabemos de sobra que no es igual, y esperamos que nuevamente te sientas motivado a seguir y actualices a una nueva versión del grandioso anyColor. si no llega a ser así, solo darte las gracias por la belleza de mi navegador durante todo este tiempo. Un gran saludo.-

  43. Outsider Says:

    There is not much hope left but i still want to believe that this wonderful addon will be rewritten to go with firefox 4.0 !

    Right now, i’m using an absolute black theme but this is nothing compared to the possibilities made by Anycolor.
    This was such a good work !

  44. Krissi D Says:

    I am so sorry that you aren’t updating AnyColor anymore; there’s not another Addon like it, I just updated to Firefox 4, and I was so bummed to see that AnyColor wouldn’t work with it. I tried a fix the the rdf file, and it worked except the AnyColor web tab kept coming up every time I launched Firefox or a Pop-up window. If there’s anyway to fix the latter problem, could you let me know. I hate my browser without AnyColor.

  45. Randy Says:

    I just wanted to thank you very much for anycolor. I really don’t like the colors in Firefox 4.0 or the needless changes just for the sake of change. So until there are addons or other ways of fixing this, I intend to head back to Firefox 3.6 where your addon works. Thanks again for all the work you have put in making this work well with Firefox 3.*

  46. Rhonda Martin Says:

    Please, please, please update Anycolors to work with Firefox 4. This is such a wonderful add-on, and there isn’t anything that can touch it. I wish I hadn’t updated to FF4 now.

  47. Randy Says:

    Just uninstall Firefox 4 and re-install Firefox 3.6 (DO NOT CHECK [the box marked]: Remove my Firefox personal data), all of your bookmarks and customizations will still be there. That’s what I did.

  48. Randy Says:

    Thanks for the informational link Rhonda. I agree with pretty much everything Rick Broida says in his post on PC World including the fact that Firefox 4 is slower overall for me as well (longer to acquire DNS etc., faster to display- but overall slower). Anycolor 3.6 sort of works with FF4 but I totally understand Pavlost’s frustration with constant changes (for no discernable reason) to the way FF4’s GUI works, making him have to constantly revisit working code. Though I hope he will eventually take pity on the rest of us and update anycolor for FF4. Then we’ll only have to worry about the changes in Firefox 5. 🙂

    • Rhonda Martin Says:

      I agree with everything Rick Broida and you said about FF4, too. It was faster to display but otherwise, I thought it was slower, and some of the changes they made bothered me, too even though they were small aesthetic items.

      I do sympathize and understand Pavlost’s reason for stopping the Anycolor project. It would be a pain to constantly rework code, especially when you have other things (like a life) to keep you busy. I hope he’ll come back after a while though; he really does have the best add-on of this ilk out there. The only thing I’ve seen even remotely (and I do mean remotely) like Anycolor is Persona Expressions — I think that was the name.

  49. Dan Says:

    Hello Pavlost. Can you please do an update for Firefox 4.x? I cannot stand the blaring white menu’s and bookmark color background.
    Can you maybe just hit how we can go about getting this compatible with FF4? If someone were to do a fresh FF4 install then how can we do an offline Anycolor Add-on install? The FF4 Addon page won’t even install this anylonger.
    Really loved this add-on.

    • Dan Says:

      Okay I got it to work. I was able to install the AnyColor addon in FF4.0 using this method:
      To Enable AnyColor Addon in Firefox 4.x:
      1. Open a new tab, type about:config in the address bar, and press Enter.
      2. Right-click anywhere in the main window, then click New, Boolean.
      3. Copy and paste in the following preference name: extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0
      4. Click OK, then set the value to False (which is the default).
      5. Exit and restart Firefox.

      Then went to the AnyColor Addin Page and it installed. And works.
      One issue I’m having atm is every time I open FF now, the Anycolor first run page appears:

      Any ideas how to stop this? Anyone?

      • Krissi D Says:

        Hi Dan,

        That’s the same problem I had. I actually unzipped the .xpi file, fixed the .rdf file (changed max version), and zipped it back up. That usually does the trick, and while Anycolor then worked very well, I kept getting the Anycolor update page whenever I launched Firefox and whenever I had to launch a pop-up window. So far, I haven’t found anyone that can offer a fix for that problem, so like a couple of posters above, I uninstalled FF4 and went back to 3.6.1 for the time being.

  50. mrwololo Says:

    I really hope you update this plugin, is the best for pimping FF,you kick ass!

  51. Dave Says:


    Please add me to the long list of user grateful of your fine work with AnyColor. I am please to see it is still working for me with Firefox 4.0. The ‘first time’ tab keeps popping up, but I just close it.

    Personas are no substitute for AnyColor. AFAIK personas are a superficial cosmetic skin, nothing more. AnyColor goes much deeper and is very useful.

    I realize you said you won’t be maintaining AnyColor anymore. Perhaps you can pass on the privilege to someone else so your fine work will live on.

    Thank you again ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Tim Says:

      Like you Dave, I am a big fan of AnyColor, and have used it on every version of Firefox to date, including the latest version 5.0. And yes, I also get the start page come up on a tab. It’s a bit annoying, but it’s built into chrome, and as yet I haven’t found a way of disabling it. Perhaps someone out there knows how?

      • Earl Says:

        Tim, It’s in the overlay.js file in the content folder you will see “chrome://anycolor/content/firstrun/firstrun.html” twice between ( ), just delete the first instance. leaving the ( ). Or you can try mine. It’s a cleaned up version.

  52. Juanito Kintaro Says:

    I miss Anycolor because it is the best Mozilla add-on.

    I hope you can return with a new version of this excelent complement.

    Congratulations; you have done a big apportation to all the Mozilla fans.

    Greetings from Mexico!!!

  53. ryxa510 Says:

    Очень хорошая программа!!!
    Только жаль, что не работает!!!

    Not available for Firefox 4.0.1

  54. muge Says:

    All I really saw on that “Incompatible Addons” box was AnyColor. Perfect reason for me not to update to FF4 for now.
    Really, it’s one of my key addons I keep on Firefox all the time.

  55. sonjohn Says:

    I like Anycolor so much that I have stuck with an older version of firefox until this last week. Its seems that youtube has changed their format and sharing structure. Now when I click on the share button to get the embed code for posting – it brings up a white page that will not open. I thought I had a bug in firefox so I installed a fresh version of firefox 3.5 – but still have the problem.
    The true problem is that youtube is now set up for the FF4 or FF5, forcing one to update to the new browser. In doing so I lost Anycolor and feel sad about this.

    With so many people are crying out for this add-on – why aren’t you updating it? If the trouble lays with Mozilla – please tells us why and a URL for conntacting Mozilla to protest or request a change.

    Your friend, sonjohn

  56. Earl Says:

    Unofficial tested in XP version of AnyColor, Working with Firefox 4 and stable. Titlebar is “painted” when using image or Personas and tabs on top with menubar off. Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?byra6vhbt9onlgh

    • Earl Says:

      Updated version uploaded. Can now “paint” Titlebar with menubar off, (tabs on top or below urlbar) without the need for Personas. Additional visual fixes. If you are having trouble applying images, and have now or have had Personas installed in the past clear the Personas cache. Located in the profiles folder. Download updated file here: http://www.mediafire.com/?yjk9yb7trgsq

      • Tim Says:

        Thanks Earl for the quick response and info re the AnyColor start page tab. I actually deleted both instances in the JS file, but got a blank tab every time instead! So I downloaded and installed your ‘cleaned up’ XPI file, and I’m glad to say so far it seems to be problem solved!

  57. Anonimous Says:


  58. User Says:

    AnyColor for Firefox 5 please T_T

  59. Tim Says:

    Thanks Earl! Have downloaded the 0.3.7 file, but at the moment AnyColor version 0.3.5 (Clouds theme) still works on Firefox 5.0. I’ll keep the update in case Mozilla change things in the next update 😉

    • Earl Says:

      Version 0.3.7 Contains quite a few (visual) bug fixes over previous versions. The rdf is also udated all the way to FF7. I also added the After Dark presets, if you don’t see them after an upgrade. Select “Reset All”
      in Presets and they will appear. These are very dark, you may want to change the text color to #ffffff.

  60. Earl Says:

    Hello All, Just Google: “Firefox 4 and AnyColor” and you will find the latest current working version.
    At this writing 0.3.8, all previous versions of the file on this page have been removed.
    AnyColor Lives!!

  61. Gary Says:

    How do you disable the autoload for the AnyColor start page? Every time I boot up FF8, it opens up with my homepage. Thanks ahead.

  62. Outsider Says:

    It seems there is a brand new add-on fot this kind of thing : https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/colorlicious/

    • df Says:

      It is not that similar to AnyColor because it does not work with menus the way AnyColor did.

    • 2whlwzrd Says:

      While that addon and Stratiform (both developed by Soapy and Spew) add color and style (Stratiform) to Firefox. Neither one can do it with quite the finesse or thoroughness of AnyColor.
      This reminds me of a Canadian tale of the great moose and the little squirrel. And in the story the great moose would say to the little squirrel… “Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!”
      The moral of the story is… “Great addons die hard. Here’s proof: http://db.tt/WYyNdQBo
      I will try to have it ready for the release of Firefox 16, it has however been tested with 4-18 and works fine with all.

  63. 2whlwzrd Says:

    Well I did not get it finished (actually there is still quite a bit to do), but it is working well enough that I am going to put it out here as a beta release.
    Those that have used my versions before will notice some changes and new features. First, I made the colored appmenu button an option. Second, I added a colored buttons options. This was something I was working on back when AnyColor broke in the nightly versions and I never finished it up. Which was kind of good, because I had to rewrite most of it anyway to make it compatible with the newest versions of Firefox and still be backwards compatible with earlier versions of Firefox. It also give us both sets of buttons (large and small) in all versions of Firefox. And third, in the nightly versions of Firefox 8, Mozilla gave us a second set of icons for use with the darker light weight themes (Personas) so they would be more visible. So I decided to up the ante, and exploit a little used feature of AnyColor. And the end result was colored icons, we now have icons in AnyColor. Not just two!
    I don’t have any schedule for when I will finish this up or do any updates except for when I have time, or Mozilla changes something that messes things up. And they seem to enjoy toying with the user interface a lot!!
    Just in case those of you reading this haven’t noticed, the current versions of Firefox have a large back and forward button and the rest of the toolbars are icons. Which is exactly what we had at the end of 3.6, so what was the point of all of these changes in between? And in the meantime Chrome and Maxthon are running away with the html5 race and IE is coming up for the pass. Hope Mozilla gets it together soon.
    Anyway here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?yg6bv3bho0hgq3d
    Have fun!!

  64. 2whlwzrd Says:

    Updated version available… the button and icon styles are working much smoother now, along with some other miscellaneous updates. http://www.mediafire.com/?80ph9mru5joezlx

  65. 2whlwzrd Says:

    This will be the last beta version before the final release, still have a few minor things to finish up and some testing to do before then. In this version, I cleaned up the buttons style and tweaked the colors. Also the button and icon styles are now working seamlessly together or separately (which is what was intended). And finally got time to include the tab groups page, if you use it. http://www.mediafire.com/?bifpqd9muqoki9g

  66. 2whlwzrd Says:

    This is the final version of 3.9. All code has been incorporated. We can now use it with the default icons, without having the ugly default hover effects! And for those that use All-in-one-sidebar with AnyColor, there has been some code added to the compatibility fragment to remove more chrome for a cleaner appearance. I am already working on version 4.0 with a different format for the colored icons, to overcome the limitations of the format used in 3.9 (it was just proof of concept anyway). They are much smoother in appearance and have a gradient and transparency I could not achieve with the format before. But it may be a couple of Firefox version releases before they are done.

  67. Tamatha Kalenkoski Says:

    thanks for sharing this info.

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