Planned features

I have several features planned and I’ll probably implement them all before getting AnyColor out of the sandbox. Some of the most important are:

  • Support for third-party master themes (already implemented): AnyColor will allow other theme creators to create themes that use it’s engine and replace the default master theme. I’ve also created a sample extension that does that.
  • Allow user-specified CSS fragments that get processed after the master theme.
  • Importing & exporting presets.
  • Ability to preview & install a preset or CSS fragment from a web-page.
  • UI improvements: Add AnyColor to the Tools menu, add an icon on the status bar and an option to automatically show the toolbar button/status bar icon on first install.
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13 Responses to “Planned features”

  1. Robert Says:

    This is the best extension ever! Can you please make an OSX version?

  2. Rami Says:

    Any way to make AnyColor scripts be able to get the current open page colors and use set a preset/colors similar to that page?

    i.e. when bright web pages are open, use bright presets, when dark pages are open, use dark presets…

  3. Colin Says:

    When I use AnyColor with a third-party extension, the only real problem I have is the colouration of the file, edit, view etc. buttons. If there were check boxes in AnyColor for the various things it changes which allows the user to disable that part of AnyColor that would be great.
    Did that sentence make sense?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Props for the add-on thus far. However, if possible, I think that support for other Firefox add-ons could be improved — particularly when changing color themes, the buttons and visual features of the other Firefox add-ons do not change to match that of the main browser window; also, AnyColor seems to override any user-set spacing within the toolbar of the Smart Bookmarks Bar add-on, making it less useful. Hope these things can be taken into consideration~

  5. ALEX DOM Says:


  6. outline Says:

    Nice extension.
    note that the and controls button cannot be changed and don’t display correctly with firefox 3.5 on vista.

  7. manu Says:


  8. Arvind Says:


    I like this extension. Really made me feel good. 🙂

    There is one problem however. It does not seem to go to well with the TabKit extension. I use a wide screen notebook, so it made more sense to have the tabs lined up vertically on the side. TabKit was just what I wanted. I found that it also has a nice feature of tab indentation. However, AnyColor overrides this tab indentation, so I had to disable AnyColor. 😥 Please check if you could fix this problem. Thanks.

  9. jennifer Says:

    I like this extension but the problem is that I save the settings are not taken into account and when I close Firefox and I re-open it again the default theme that is installed. How?

  10. jennifer Says:

    If you can help me I’ll be grateful.

    • pavlost Says:

      @jennifer: AnyColor saves its current settings as regular Firefox preferences so I can’t think of anything that might cause the behavior you described. You can try looking at those preferences and see if they’re persisted OK by opening the page: about:config and, after passing the warning screen, typing: extensions.anycolor. into the page. This will show you all of AnyColor’s preferences. Make sure the values change when you customize AnyColor and that they keep their values when you restart Firefox.

  11. Sam Says:

    Hey pavlost!

    This is a great extension, really.

    Two things:
    1. Is it my imagination or does FF 3.5 run/operate faster now? Certainly seems so. Does Anycolor disable some glitchy FF programming for example?

    2. Any way to change width of scrollbars? (I’m useing Foxteh – very nice ‘theme, thanks, apart from too narrow scrollbars h & v)


  12. John Morrison Says:

    I’ve been using AnyColor for a while, though not with all the bells and whistles– I’m visually impaired, and prefer my browser controls to be high-contrast white text on a black background. It’s laughably simple to make AnyColor do that, so major thanks!

    The one request I have is a better Advanced Settings window. I have my typeface set to a large sans-serif font with a wide stroke, for reasons of visibilty. But the columns in “Theme Tweaks” is fixed. Making the preferences window resizable, and making the columns grow and shrink proportionately, would solve this issue. Currently it only shows the first word or two of the tweak, unless I change the font from “Normal” to 12 or so and use a magnifying glass. (An “Apply” button would be helpful too, to preview the UI changes without exiting the preferences window.)

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