Foxkeh presetPresets are predefined appearance options bundled together. AnyColor comes with several Presets like the “Default”, “Dark” and “Foxkeh” presets. Presets can be activated, modified or deleted. You can also create your own presets.

Selecting a preset

Selecting a preset will load it and apply it immediately, changing the look of the browser. You can select a preset by opening AnyColor’s preferences window or using the toolbar button.

  • Using the preferences window: Open the Add-ons dialog (Tools->Add-ons), find AnyColor in the list, select it and click the Options button. This will open the “AnyColor preferences” window. Clicking on the “Presets” button will show the tab with all the available presets. You can activate a preset by selecting it and clicking “Load” or by double-clicking on it.
  • Using the toolbar button: AnyColor has a toolbar button for easy access to it’s functionality. Right-click on the main Firefox menu and select “Customize” to open the “Customize toolbars” window. Find the AnyColor button in the list, drag it in a toolbar (next to the stop button for example) and close the customize window. Now click the new button and a menu having your presets will popup allowing you to select them.

Managing presets

Dark presetAnyColor’s preferences window has a tab that lets you manage your presets. The tab has a list showing all available presets and several buttons to the right. Hovering the mouse over a button will show a tooltip describing the button’s function in more detail.

  • The “New” button creates a new preset using the current appearance settings.
  • The “Load” button will load and activate the selected preset.
  • The “Save” button saves the current settings onto the selected preset, overwriting any previous settings.
  • The “Rename” button allows you to rename a preset.
  • The “Delete” button permanently deletes the selected preset.

Note that you are not allowed to change the Default preset.


  • Changes to the presets are applied immediately and are permanent.
  • To create a new preset go to the Appearance tab and change the settings until you are satisfied with the result. Then go to the Presets tab, click the “New” button, enter a name for your preset and click OK.
  • You can duplicate a preset by loading it and then clicking the “New” button.
  • You can copy a preset to the clipboard as text. Simply load it, go to the appearance tab and hit Control+C (or right-click somewhere in the appearance tab and select copy from the context menu).
  • The presets are stored in a file in your profile folder called “anycolor_db.sqlite”. You can safely copy this file to another profile or another computer but make sure you’ve closed all Firefox windows first.
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