AnyColor 0.2.4 & 0.2.5

AnyColor has been made public on and it’s seeing a lot of downloads! Going back, I remember starting AnyColor’s development just because I wanted a dark theme that I like. I had to rewrite the master CSS file 3 times, adding features, changing many rules to make them use the new rgba() and hsla() color values and many more changes until I was happy with it. I remember my disappointment when mozilla changed the CSS for Gnu-linux & Macs significantly and I was forced to mark AnyColor as Windows only.

Today I use it on all of my PCs and I’m glad I can share it with others that find it useful.

Versions 0.2.4 & 0.2.5 had a few minor changes:

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with several other extensions.
  • Added a “square everything” tweak.
  • Moved the “More Presets” page to a new host and added a mirror as well.

I was informed that there’s a small bug that I haven’t fixed yet; if you open the AnyColor options window from the addons list, the ‘Get more presets…” links don’t work. It will be fixed in the next version.