Hide main menu tweak

This tweak will hide the main menu. Take care if you enable this tweak, you may not be able to disable it without the main menu.

If this happens, open the page “about:config” and type “extensions.anycolor.activeCssFragments” in the “Filter” box. Right click the configuration entry and click “Reset”.

This issue will be fixed in the next version, either by removing the tweak or by displaying a warning.

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22 Responses to “Hide main menu tweak”

  1. camu Says:

    I still have problems with fast dial , I can not get rid of the frames on FD. please advice thanks

  2. T Says:

    Yikes, thanks for this. Sure enough, there’s no way to go back except for the config!

  3. szilvi Says:

    please help me,because all my toolbars have dissapeared!
    what should i do?

  4. szilvi Says:

    i dont get it. where should i type “about:config” and “extensions.anycolor.activeCssFragments in” ???
    help pls.

  5. camu Says:

    I am not an expert but you have to type about:config on the left side of your browser, once you enter look for extension any color….etc.left side means next to home no the rigth side…I had the same problem..good luck

  6. szilvi Says:

    thanx 4 answering,but i have no address bar,no home button,nothing,only the most viewed icon,nothing else really…:(

  7. szilvi Says:

    i had an idea.i tought if i download an other add-on i could be able to adjust AnyColor again,and it worked. 🙂 all the toolbbars came back!

  8. Art Vandelay Says:

    Could you allow us to temporarily display the main menu by hitting the ALT key (or does it already do this)? This is something like the Hide Menubar extension or how IE behaves by default.

  9. Justine Says:

    Thanks Pavlost. Had a brief freakout.

  10. Ray Says:

    Whoa, thanks dude I freaked out there too. The damn toolbar just vanishes! Thankfully we have Google…

  11. Bob Says:

    As I mentioned earlier about adding personas to anycolor, there has been an update which displays all the personas here, http://www.getpersonas.com/store/gallery/All/Popular making it very easy for you to add support to anycolor which also supports many more tweaks than the personas add-on, thank you.

    To save you some time, this is the html code for the html button which applies the selected persona, which looks like the same one for the anycolor presets page, only with different variable, this was for the first one on the page;

  12. NGUYỄN-Mạnh Hùng Says:

    I think you may want to upload your extension to BabelZilla, so other people can help you to translate your addon into other languages which surely will help spread it 🙂

  13. skatcat31 Says:

    Hi pavlost. Love the extension. About the hide main menu tweak, it’s simple enough to get disabled. Also try just having any color move to another default bar instead. My are customized, but i have any color on my address bar so i can reshow access anycolor’s options at a notices glance. Fixed that problem for me. So leave it in, just put a warning so that people know about it. And i hate auto spell. It doesn’t like colour.

  14. NGUYỄN-Mạnh Hùng Says:

    I’ve finished a Vietnamese translation for your extension. Where can I send it to?

  15. yiovanna Says:

    hello there! congratulations on this beautiful conception, we thank you very much, i love it. but i want to ask you some things..sorry eh? i search to find to edition i have installed and i don’t seem to find it..it’s 0.2.6..i find until 0.2.5 ..also, there was a little button on my navigation toolbar through which i could change the themes easily, and i really loved it, but for some days now i don’t see it..where did it go and how can i get it back? please..it may seem an idiot’s question but i really loved this button and i want it back..sorry eh? can you please answer me if it is not much trouble? and please, please,please, try to make the same work for thunderbird, we are waiting impatiently..thank you..

  16. Bulldog Says:

    How can I remove the Anycolor icon from the toolbar? (It’s parked in the top right corner.) I’d rather manage Anycolor from the Tools menu.

  17. Mushufaza Says:

    When will there be a version for linux?

    (Ubuntu) please, You can!!!!!!!!!

  18. pavlost Says:

    @Bob: The new version can use personas! It should be public in a few days.

    @NGUYỄN: I’ve sent you an email.

    @yiovanna and Bulldog: Adding or removing the toolbar button is easy and it’s a standard Firefox feature. Just right click on the navigation toolbar and select “Customize” from the context menu. A window will open. If you want to remove the button, drag it from the toolbar to that window. If you want to add it, drag it from the window to the navigation toolbar.

  19. Quinoa Says:

    After uninstalling Any Color from Firefox 3.0.11 (running on WinXP Home SP 3), the chrome (browser frame) is silver instead of Firefox’s default light gold color. How may I return to the default gold color?

  20. Bill Says:

    I have the highlite color a nice golden yellow but the Active Tab turns out to be a bland yellow that has been superimposed over the grey background of the background color… Is there any way of controlling the Active Tab color..? Thanks

  21. David Says:

    Thanks for the addon. Can I totally remove Personas? I don’t use them and want to minimise memory usage and optimise speed. Thanks

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