AnyColor 0.2.3 (gloss)

A new version has been uploaded to and it should appear in a few hours. You can also find it here (sha1: b6d3adb7f66d766fad3241e1657e85bd21bc75e2).

A dark preset with gloss enabled.

A dark preset with gloss enabled.

The most noticeable change in this release is the “Gloss” theme tweak. I was reluctant to add this at first but I’ve been using it for about two months and it looks great!

Change log:

  • Added the “Gloss” theme tweaks. There are two, one adds gloss to the Bookmarks toolbar and the other to the Tabs. You can enable both if you like; I personally like the Tabs one better.
  • Compatibility with 3.2a1pre.
  • Styled “about:sessionrestore”.
  • Improved the “first run” page. It will now show a list of the available presets and a few selected theme tweaks.
  • Marked the “Strata Reloaded” theme as compatible, it looks great with the gloss tweak enabled and near-black colors.
  • Minor fix for XUL progress bars when value is zero.
  • Styled the links in view source (Fx 3.1+).
  • Styled SSL error pages.
  • Added a tweak for the scrollbars.
  • Visual fix for the mini-buttons in the update dialog.
  • Added Russian translation by Timur.

31 Responses to “AnyColor 0.2.3 (gloss)”

  1. T-Lo Says:

    Just installed your v0.2.3 addon … really nice but the gloss tweaks won’t list for me (the tweaks list box in the options settings is completely empty) …. I’ve seen them on other peoples computers but on mine it doesn’t populate with the choices. The color themes all load ok but no tweaks. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, redownloaded, deleted the old anycolor files in fiefox …. no luck … do you know what may be causing that? Thanks

  2. Matteog Says:

    I’ve installed your beautiful addon but it changed the size of toolbar buttons and the distance between them, so I disinstalled anycolor. Can you fix my problem?


  3. pavlost Says:

    @T-Lo: Some people have reported conflicts with other add-ons but I haven’t been able to find the problem yet. You could try disabling them and see if it works.

    @Matteog: This is how it works. You can try enabling the “Compact main window” theme tweak and see if you like it better. You can find it by going to Tools->AnyColor->Advanced->Theme Tweaks.

  4. T-Lo Says:

    Thanks for the reply pavlost: I systematically went thru each addon and found it … its Snap Links … I upgraded to to the latest version and it still conflicts with AnyColor. You can grab the latest version here if you want to experiment with it … their link on the mozilla addons site is outdated.

    Thanks again

  5. proto Says:

    Before today, I had edited anycolor’s css file to return all of the corners of the buttons, tabs, scrollbars, etc. to the default square. Today I installed the update and suddenly all those nasty rounded corners were all over my firefox again 😦

    I enabled all of the relevant theme tweaks, but a couple things are still rounded (The one that annoys me most is the right corner of the rightmost tab.) Is there any way you could add tweaks for the interface elements that are still rounded?

  6. matteog Says:

    It works! Thanks a lot, bye

  7. matteog Says:

    It has worked only once, then I’v restarted firefox and I couldn’t see any tweaks themes in the options. Can you tell me why?

    Thanks, bye

  8. matteog Says:

    I have found the problem: Toolbar Button extension, can you fix the problem?

  9. matteog Says:

    New version seems to work fine. Thanks a lot

  10. Bob Says:

    Great addon, by far better than any theme out there for Firefox. I love being able to keep the standard look of the default theme but am able to smooth over that awful background with any color/pattern I wish! This is exactly what the personas add-on in Mozilla Labs should be. Which by the way, since it is open source and the persona themes are just header and footer images, could you add support for easily adding personas themes so we can use them with the other tweaks that are found in anycolor?

    Thanks, Keep up the great work!!!

  11. Adonis Says:

    I love it I just would love to know how to make my title bar [the thingy with the exit minimize and maximize buttons] look like yours in the first picture transparent looking

  12. Norman Prather Says:

    This has great potential. I cannot get the “tweaks” to show in the options menu. I have disabled all other extensions and am using the default theme. Suggestions will be appreciated.

  13. Norman Prather Says:

    After retesting I found a conflict between the latest Toolbar Buttons extension and AnyColor.

  14. Norman Prather Says:

    There is also a conflict with the Weave prototype.

  15. pavlost Says:

    Bob: I’ll look into it and see if I can use the personas themes.

    Adonis: The title bar is drawn by the operating system (windows) and it can’t be styled with AnyColor.

    Norman: I’ve uploaded a new version that should fix the conflicts with other add-ons. It’s pending a review and should be up on shortly.

    Thank you.

  16. Norman Says:

    Well shoot! Thought I’d try AnyColor on my laptop only to learn it is only for Windows! Shame! Shame!

    I’ll try the new one tomorrow at my office.

  17. Never Fornicate Says:


    use Coral Cache for theme distribution to avoid google’s inanely arbitrary bandwidth ‘limit’

    + Inside extension use a coralized link
    + on google pages themselves coralize all downloads and images

  18. pavlost Says:

    @Never: I had no idea google would refuse to serve a couple of images. Thanks for the tip!

  19. Frank J Says:

    If you can make a compact version ( I like microfox) I’ll give you 10 stars.

  20. Nik Says:

    This is a seriously awesome add-on mate, well done!!

    I’ve tried the “Personas” add-on and was quickly disappointed. It’s so great to be able to change the way my FF looks without having to restart it each time!

    I have a problem though… It’s the presets function that doesn’t seem to be working. I go to the page where you have them all listed, I click on the “Add” button and nothing happens. I’ve been using this add-on ever since it was still on experimental stages (according to Mozilla’s add-on site) and I still can’t get this to work.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you again for creating this extension – it kicks ass!


  21. pavlost Says:

    Glad you like it, Nik.

    About the presets page – no, you’re not doing anything wrong. The page is seeing too much traffic and it has stopped working. I’ve moved it to a new host and I’ve uploaded a new AnyColor version that should appear on soon.

    If you don’t want to wait just use the following link:

  22. Sascha Says:

    Please make this work for the latest firefox and for mac. This looks so awesome!

  23. Malzbier Says:

    Please make the Background of an new tap so taht it can Display Images

  24. JIM ASVES Says:

    Good add on but conflicts with fission addon. It disables the fission feature (to change color or use a picture)

  25. Chad Says:

    I love this add-on! Thank you for creating it.

    I inadvertently deleted one of the “themes” that comes with AnyColor which I would like to have back. I tried uninstalling the “theme” and re-installing it, but that didn’t bring back the “theme” I wanted. Any suggestions on how to get back the “theme”?

    Maybe for future versions, you could as a restore defaults feature or add all the “themes” to your “more presets” page.

    Thanks, again, for all of your work.

  26. pavlost Says:

    Chad, you’re right, there should be a way to restore defaults.

    Until then, you can open your Firefox profile folder and delete the file named ‘anycolor_db.sqlite’.

  27. Dal Youngblood Says:

    How do I uninstall any color? It wont stay at the color I pick,
    and every time I log on I keep getting the install now for any color.

  28. emeem Says:

    I don’t see the option to get that same “gloss” opaqueness that is shown in the black preset sample. Perhaps I’m not looking for the right setting? I tried all that were available and none of the tweaks produced that same opaqueness. Before I installed AnyColor, I did revert to the standard theme, so I’m not sure what would inhibit my full access to the tweaks.

  29. Mike Says:

    Do you see the picture and how the frame of the window is clear and frosted, how do i get that? Or is that through windows itself?

  30. emeem Says:

    I had the same question as Mike ^^^ above had, how can we get that same opaque and frosted look on the frames as on the sample pic? Has anyone figured that out yet?

  31. emeem Says:

    Sorry, I missed this explanation:

    The translucent Firefox window border seen in a screenshot on AMO is, unfortunately, part of the operating system (Windows Vista – Aero). Firefox and AnyColor isn’t able to style that part of the window, that’s painted by the OS.

    What a shame! That sample pic made AnyColor so inviting!

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