AnyColor 0.2.1

AnyColor with Colorful Tabs

AnyColor with Colorful Tabs

A new version has been uploaded to AMO. It’s still in the “sandbox” and you need to register to download it, so I’ve uploaded it here (Right-click, Save Link As…) as well for those that don’t want to register.

This release offers the much wanted compatibility with the Colorful Tabs extension, among other things. To enable it, open AnyColor’s options, go to the “Advanced” tab, selected “Theme tweaks” and double-click on “Compatibility: Colorful Tabs”.

The list of changes in this version:

  • Some Vista CSS fixes; I got my hands on a Vista PC and fixed some CSS issues that I had missed, like some menus and the “Library” window.
  • Compatibility with Colorful Tabs and All-in-One Sidebar. These have to be enabled explicitly by going to Options->Advanced->Theme tweaks.
  • Added a few optional theme tweaks:
    • Anycolor Compact

      Anycolor Compact

      Compact main window: Reduces the padding and borders on the main menu and toolbar. It’s meant to be used by people who like their Firefox as compact as possible, with small icons and no bookmarks toolbar.

    • Hide main menu: This will hide the main menu. Take care if you enable this, you may not be able to disable it without the main menu. If this happens, open the page “about:config” and type “extensions.anycolor.activeCssFragments” in the “Filter” box. Right click the configuration entry and click “Reset”.
    • Custom buttons in web pages: This will make all standard buttons in regular web pages appear like AnyColor’s rounded buttons.
    • Invert Url-bar & search-bar colors: Makes the url bar and search bar stand out by inverting the background and foreground colors.
    • Square buttons & Square scroll bars: Removes the rounded corners from the buttons and scroll bars. Note that you need to refresh a page before you see the changes in the scroll bars.
    • Google web search: This is mostly a “proof-of-concept” tweak, demonstrating how AnyColor can be used to change colors & styles in web pages. This one will make Google’s main page and search results use the currently selected AnyColor preset.
  • Several minor compatibility fixes for other extensions.
  • Added a menu item in Firefox’s tools menu for easier access with the keyboard.

Last, after getting the dreaded “download corruption” error (when trying to install AnyColor from myself, I think the following steps fixed it:

  • Enable cookies AND third-party cookies (Tools->Options-Privacy).
  • When logging in to AMO, make sure you check the “remember me” checkbox.
  • Clear the cache.

11 Responses to “AnyColor 0.2.1”

  1. Ken Saunders Says:

    Hey, really great improvements!
    I love the Google site specific feature.
    Having the selected theme applied globally for Firefox’s interface and for web pages makes for a nice, consistent interactive experience.
    I’m still checking out the other features and improvements but I just had to stop and compliment and thank you.

    People have no idea what they are missing. It will all pay off and I feel that you’ll soon be somewhat vindicated.
    Just think of how many people are enjoying AnyColor and not the injustices.
    Everything comes around.

    By the way, I can imagine how you are able to have the style applied to a specific web site (Google in this case) but what would it take to be able to apply a style to all web pages?

  2. pavlost Says:

    Hello Ken.

    I don’t know if you have any experience with the Stylish extension; applying the style to web pages is pretty much the same as adding a userstyle to Stylish. The only difference is that instead of using fixed colors, I use some special keywords that AnyColor recognizes and replaces with the colors from the current preset.
    The problem with applying the style to all web pages is that most sites will look very bad; it would be like using one single CSS for all web sites.

    It’s an interesting idea but not really viable. I suppose one could analyze a site’s colors, create a “palette” and allow the user to replace them with his own. Sites that use images for their layout would still look bad though; see how the Google logo still has a white background.

  3. Slurpee Says:

    I love this extension. It lets me do (almost) exactly what I want to with firefox’s color palette.

    One thing (maybe a bug?) is that, under the Advanced tab, I have no theme tweaks. Both the available and active boxes are completely empty. I use the Colorful Tabs extension, and am also interested in some of the other optional tweaks you included. I would be more than happy to supply you with any information you might need to help resolve this (eg: current theme, extensions, etc) as well as try things / help test along the way.

    I also have a random question (not really applicable but I’ll ask it anyway): Is there an extension that lets you change the icons for the buttons/etc, and nothing else? (ie: not a full theme). This would be a great sidekick for this extension.

    Also, feel free to poke and prod me via my email as I’ll probably check that before this blog. Thanks again for a wonderful extension.

  4. pavlost Says:

    @Slurpee: For starters, you should try to uninstall AnyColor, restart firefox and install it again. Second, if it’s still not working, you should look at the Error Console right after Firefox loads for any errors. Try to find errors that only appear when AnyColor is installed and enabled. Finally, you could also create a new, empty profile and install AnyColor there. Let me know what happens.

    Concerning your other question, there are several themes that only change the icons. I’ve tried a couple of them and they seem to work very well with AnyColor, although I haven’t marked them as compatible yet. Try “Qute” and “Azerty III” for example.

  5. Javiera Says:

    Tengo un problema: no me cargan las combinaciones que vienen por defecto [foxkeh, chocolate, etc]. O sea:

    1.- Antes le hacía click al botón y me salía la lista con las combinaciones; ya no.
    2.- En las opciones, selecciono una, le doy a “preview” y no pasa absolutamente nada. Le doy entonces a “aceptar”, pero no hay ningún cambio.

    Desinstalé AnyColor varias veces, [igual como le dices a Slurpee], pero no pasa ada. La única forma de cambiar de colores es haciendo mi propia combinación.

    I DON’T KNOW IF U UNDERSTAND SPANISH… LET ME TRY IN ENGLISH [It’s not very good, sorry u.u]

    I have a problem: My default presets [foxkeh, chocolate, etc] don’t load. I mean:
    1.- Before, when i click the button appeared a list with all presets; it doesn’t happen now.
    2.- I select them, then click “preview” and nothing. I accept, but nothing.

    I uninstalled AnyColor a lot of times [as u said to Slurpee], but it’s the same. The only way i can change colours is makin’ my own combination.

    If u answer me, plz send me a mail, would u?

    Thx! ^^

  6. Javiera Says:

    P.S.: anyway… I love this extension!! 😀

  7. Javiera Says:

    P.S.: anyway… I love this extension!! 😀

    P.S.2: btw, my mail: mysthique[at] =P

  8. pavlost Says:

    Hello Javiera,
    I’m not sure what’s wrong but there’s one thing you can try.
    1. Close Firefox.
    2. Open your Firefox profile folder (it should be something like “C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default”). See for help finding your profile folder.
    3. Delete the file “anycolor_db.sqlite” and start Firefox.

    I hope it works.

    P.S. I’ve sent you an email as well.

  9. Jake Says:

    I love this extention. Its the perfect black theme without the strange styles people put in.

    I have a question, though.
    On chatzilla (another firefox addon), when people chat in one of the tabbed windows, the tab text turns blue/green/red so i can tell if theres anything interesting ggoing on, or if someone is talking to me.

    With anycolor installed, all the tabs just stay white-texted.
    Is there any way to get chatzilla to respond to chat activity?

  10. pavlost Says:

    Hi Jake,
    I’ll fix in the next version of AnyColor.


  11. Chiri Says:


    Either I have no idea how to make the “random” feature work or I am not clear on what it is supposed to do exactly.

    When I click on it, it randomly chooses a new skin from the list. Is this what it is supposed to do? Because I though that this set up the add-on to randomly choose a new skin upon opening Firefox.


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