Installation problems

There’s a small bug in the mozilla addons site that affects some people trying to install “experimental” addons (“Invalid file hash”, corrupted downloads, etc.). The bug has been fixed according to bugzilla.

If you had problems installing AnyColor, please try again or visit this knowledge base article.

Update: The following steps may help solve the issue.

  • Enable cookies AND third-party cookies (Tools->Options-Privacy).
  • When logging in to AMO, make sure you check the “remember me” checkbox.
  • Clear the cache.
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10 Responses to “Installation problems”

  1. Gary Poore Says:

    The “Invalid file hash” problem is still present on July 21. Suggested work-arounds are too vague. Does anyone have a step by step procedure to install Any Color?

  2. shirley Says:

    can’t get it to go on my toolbar

  3. nanno Says:

    I’m continually getting the following error message:

    Firefox could not install the file at

    because: Not a valid install package

    I’m using FF 3.0.1 on Vista Ultimate.

  4. taomyn Says:

    Having the same issue on my Vista laptop and ended up using IE to download the XPI so I could install it. All FF would do is download a corrupted version.

  5. Ashley Says:

    successfully downloaded it (twice, too) but it doesn’t work…. ?
    like, my Mozilla browser’s color doesn’t change at all every time i pick a new preset theme…

  6. Sanjay Says:

    I installed anycolor extension but i want to change url bar and tabs shapes. I have attached 2 images showing the changes.

    Would appreciate if you can help me change the url bar and tabs from the black image to the white image with userChrome.css codes.

    If you can email me the codes please.

    *email removed*

    Attached images below.

    Thank you.

  7. pavlost Says:

    Sanjay: I’ll see what I can do in a future version. Meanwhile, you may find the Stylish extension useful as it allows you to try & apply arbitrary CSS without having to restart the browser.

  8. Sherri Says:

    Sorry that this isn’t an appropriate place for this, but I couldn’t find anywhere better.
    I’m sure that this SHOULD work with stumbleupon, because I haven’t found any complaints that it doesn’t… but when I install it my stumbleupon toolbar disappears.

  9. Rodger Says:

    How do I uninstall anycolor. I like it, but just dont want it anymore. Thanks.

    • pavlost Says:

      You can uninstall AnyColor the same way you uninstall any Firefox add-on. Go to the “Tools” menu, click “Add-ons”, find & select AnyColor and click the uninstall button.

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