AnyColor 0.1.3

New version out. No major changes except that this version is not compatible with beta 5, it requires the just-released Release Candidate 1 or a nightly.

Here’s a list of changes:

  • CSS updated for changes introduced in the new Firefox builds.
  • Minor CSS tweaks for better compatibility with the Speed dial add-on.
  • Added support for third-party master themes. No documentation on this feature yet; I’ll document it and offer a sample add-on that installs an alternative master theme soon.
  • Focus outline was made a bit thicker (and better).
  • After testing AnyColor on Linux, I marked it as Windows-only. It did work on Linux but it didn’t look good because of the huge differences in Firefox’s default theme. I haven’t been able to test it on Vista yet (hope it’s OK) and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to test it on a Mac.

11 Responses to “AnyColor 0.1.3”

  1. fabio Says:

    fantastic!! thanks

  2. Nathan Says:

    hey i have it installed on Vista Ultimate 32bit. so far works great. custom colors and background. if you need any vista testing done i’ll gladly do it.

  3. Ken Saunders Says:

    AnyColor is a fantastic add-on.
    There has been a demand for this sort of feature/add-on for a few years now.
    Any chance that you could integrate a feature to change the themes font size.
    Perhaps you could use this that does just that.
    It allows a person to change Firefox’s font size for the browser interface.
    The combination of that plus AnyColor would be a great accessibility add-on for persons with visual impairments.

    More info-

    Please feel free to contact me.

  4. dakota1 Says:

    This AddOn doesn´t works with FF3, i can not install.
    Install error: Firefox konnte das Add-on von folgender Adresse nicht installieren:, Grund: Prüfsumme der Datei ist nicht korrrekt (eventuell ein Fehler beim Herunterladen)

    Regards dakota

  5. Virginia Says:

    I cannot download this addon. When I try I get the following error message …

    Firefox could not install the file at

    because: Not a valid install package

    Help please???

  6. Virginia Says:

    When I try to download/install this addon I get the following error message …

    Firefox could not install the file at

    because: Invalid file hash (possible download corruption)

    Help please?

  7. pavlost Says:

    Virginia, dakota1: Please see the latest post on this blog.

    Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been away.

  8. Rabscutle Says:

    Are there plans for an update for the new version of Firefox that went out today? If not, do you know of a way to update the validated versions of Firefox for Anycolor so it will work with 3.1?

  9. pavlost Says:

    Rabscutle: I’ve just finished uploading a new version, 0.2.0. It should appear on shortly.

  10. peterpoe Says:

    I’ve tested AnyColor 0.2.0 on Firefox 3 / Mac OS X, and here are the results:

    With default theme:

    With Classic Compact theme:

  11. pavlost Says:

    Thanks for testing it on a Mac, Peter.

    It’s not good but it makes sense, the classic Mac theme is very different from the others.

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